Born in Germany, José begins at the age of 7 with a musical education playing the clarinet. With only 9 years old he travels with a youth orchestra, performing on stage throughout Germany.

At age 12 he starts to play the guitar, performing in different youth music groups, also with percussionist and second vocals. At 16 he plays the drums and with 22 years Keyboard.

From his first beginnings in composing his own themes and ideas, to the first own recordings in the early 80's, José has performed more than 25 years on stages with different bands, playing different instruments and styles.

In the late 90's, he left the stage to dedicate himself exclusively to his solo projects.

He comes into contact with record companies and multimedia companies, selling among other songs in 2003 the song "Riddle of my heart" (Spanish Version: "Porqué te vas) to UT Records in Switzerland, which, sing by Anahí Kaufmann, leads for 5 months the number one  on the internet radio lists of independent music in Switzerland.

That same year José made a transcendent decision and moved to Spain.

Looking for new opportunities, he starts presenting his songs on different platforms for independent musicians officially using his stage name, JMOYA. Here he meets national and international artists, creating collaborations and composing for and with musicians who today have released their own albums and perform in concerts.

His songs and projects can be found on Spotify, Deezer, Youtube, Amazon, Itunes, Apple music, Google Play and they're played on independent music Internet radio stations in England, USA, Canada and Australia.

His influences for any kind of genre, including classical music, and his wide range and versatility are shown in his different projects.